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Turning off caching of ExternalData on
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Would it be possible to turn off caching of ExternalData on my wiki? (ie. set $wgExternalDataSources['*']['min cache seconds'] = 0;)

I'm trying to create a library of links to videos by having one page in plaintext CSV format with all of the URL's, titles, etc, and another page that uses ExternalData to grab the data and output it in a visually appealing way, along with embedded videos.

This second page would also have the ability, through Javascript, to edit the CSV data page directly, for example if a user deletes an entry or creates a new one. With the current cache setting, changes to the data page may take up to an hour to be visible on the stylized page, which would be fairly inconvenient for this program.

For reference, here is a barebones prototype of a page that styles data from another page:

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It looks like the wrong wiki name was put in the settings: comprehensiblewiki instead of comprehensibleinputwiki

I just realized I wrote the wrong subdomain in the description up top. It's

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