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I can't access the differences between revisions on Disastrous TV Networks & Channels Wiki
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On Disastrous TV Networks & Channels Wiki, when I try to access differences between revisions, it says "click to load content" and when I click it nothing happens. This is what it looks like:

Capture (4).PNG (385×1 px, 5 KB)

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That may be a result of the recently finished 1.39 upgrade.

@FatBurn0000 Please link to a page where you are experiencing this.

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Can't reproduce, resolving as likely transient error. If that's not the case feel free to reopen and link us to a page where this happens./

Can confirm that I get the same error. It appears to happen if comparing between the newest revision and any other revision if pressing the Compare selected revisions button. And sometimes between the newest and the second newest if using the Prev link.

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Seems to be working now.