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Wrong interwiki forwarding
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Database name: theredpionnerwiki

When I checked some newly imported templates from Wikipedia today, I found that they point to the wrong Wikipedia address. For example, "wikipedia:隐退" is forwarded to the address "隐退", incorrectly removing the prefix for its namespace.

It is worth mentioning that I had previously applied to change the interwiki settings so that the retweet of wikipedia: pointed to Chinese Wikipedia. This could mean that something went wrong somewhere.

By the way, this is not an isolated case, I tested several pages on my wiki with this result.

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I'm not sure I understand what's going on here, can you point us to one of the templates where this is happening, and point out exactly what is wrong and what you expect to happen?

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This isn't a technical issue and as such doesn't fit phabricator. UO treated your request in December and he did it as per what you requested.
The interwiki is working as it is supposed to. But if you mean that you want the Wikipedia: prefix to link to$1 (assuming that's what you mean) and not$1, then it could be treated accordingly.

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