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Requesting download from MultiMedia Viewer does not work
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Then you visit this the download is supposed to start automatically. Also viewing from the MultiMedia Viewer (, when you try to download from the download button, the download is supposed to start automatically, but all these doesn't work.

This doesn't work on any wiki I have tried it from.

I assume it is a bug, wrong configuration, or something that is supposed to be done but not done.

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The extension has a section about these situations ( TLDR It requires sending a header at the web server level: "If the requested URL to an image directory contains the download query parameter, the Content-Disposition header must be set to attachment".

However, unless you're trying to support Internet Explorer in 2023, this should really be done by setting the download attribute at the <a> element in the extension's code instead.

I've attempted to port the Wikimedia version to Miraheze:

Reviews are very much welcome, I've never used either Varnish or Puppet.

The PR got merged, should be working once the change is deployed to production