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Restore possibility to get image backups with DataDump
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Since many users have been asking for image dumps, it would be great if the possibility to get them via DataDump could be restored soon.

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Since Universal Omega will no longer be working on this task, I'll provide a short explanation for why imports stop being possible. A few months ago we moved from a static-like service (GlusterFS) to Swift. Due to the way Swift operates, it is necessary to have images 'downloaded' to mwtask141 first before being zipped for DataDump. Potentially some sort of image chunking mechanism would also be necessary in order to achieve this. See and other external docs for more info.

This is partially done with but the swift upload and rm commands need to be done using DataDump backend for it to be compatible

Leaving as managewiki-restricted for now, given the potential risk of not having enough space on the server to generate the dump.