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mydump is causing issues with php-fpm
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I've correlated the time between all the php-fpm childs being used and my dumper running on db101.

We need to change I think to lessen the impact (surely there's a way that doesn't cause a site to go down?). I think maybe mysqldump --single-transaction --routines --triggers ?

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Paladox triaged this task as High priority.Jan 2 2023, 04:00
Paladox created this task.

Suggestions welcome but the way it is is currently the best option.

We did a lot of testing on mydumper v mysqldump and mydumper gave the best results in terms of performance and impact.

This was actually the major reason we didn't have backups for so long - this performance problem.

What probably doesn't help is all db servers take backups at the same time. I suggest we stagger these a bit more and then watch the next impact.

John claimed this task.

New run schedules:

db101: 12 & 26
db112: 8 & 22
db121: 5 & 19
db131: 7 & 21
db142: 4 & 18