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ReplaceText configuration error
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"Your wiki will not work with ReplaceText: Text replacements cannot be run if $wgCompressRevisions is set to true."

However, $wgCompressRevisions is marked as a "managewiki-restricted" setting, meaning that it can't be changed by bureaucrats directly.

So is it possible for me to request this change(set $wgCompressRevisions to false)? If not, I wonder what the meaning of enabling the ReplaceText extension is.

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Compression has been enabled for all wikis and will not be disabled by request unfortunately. It has been proposed to remove ReplaceText as it is unusable with our configuration. An alternative you can use is MassEditRegex. Apologies.

Then why can't we just make ReplaceText extension disappear from the list? Leave it in the extensions list of ManageWiki can make bureaucrats confused because of this problem that can't be solved.