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Lost Permissions as creator of wiki
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A private wiki I created on 30 November ( and later restored on 30 December (despite it being created after the db141 crash) does not allow me to view any pages citing a "Permission Error" despite me being the creator and sole contributor.

Thanks for the help

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I'm seeing that you're a local bureaucrat and administrator on that wiki. Are you sure you're logged in with the right account?

I've checked, and it is the correct account. I've also had no problems on the same account on my other wikis, and I've logged out and back in to see if that helped but the same issue keep occuring.

Kawkaban-Permission-Error.png (442×1 px, 39 KB)

(A screenshot of the error message if it helps)

Please link the file to the task. There should be an attach button. (Task is public so ensure no private content from wiki first).

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Should now be fixed.