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Requesting Yoshipedia and Wariopedia to be reopened
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I realize that Yoshipedia and Wariopedia were planned to be reintegrated into Mariopedia, as they were split off with the assumption that the data could not be recovered. I've been giving it thought and have been bothered, but I feel compelled to ask if there can be a cancelation of the merger, as remerging it was not decided by the community themselves.

I was planning to resign from bureaucrat on Mariopedia for when it came back, whether completely anew or with all the data recovered, in favor of focusing on the two wikis that I split off and other wikis I do like Nintendo, DK, Rare, etc. in case anyone was worried about "hat-collecting."

Subscribing DMM, who is one of Mariopedia's staff members, if he wants to give his input (as he requested creation of Yoshi & Wariopedia).

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the apology if Miraheze thinks i do too many wikis is still intact, in case some worry i changed tune. i still figured i'd ask and note how it wasn't done as a community decision.

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We are aware. They are db141 wikis, and we are currently working to restore them and all the rest.

@MacFan4000 both Yoshipedia and Wariopedia happened to be on db141?

(sry i just feeling confused bcuz the two wikis Wario Yoshi worked a few days ago before being taken down, and idk how they could have been on db141 if that had an outage

it was temporarily restored, and there were new wiki creations, as well as restorations on there. Unfortunately we recently had another incident that brought it down again. But the data is safe.

mariopedia's back. as kept to word, i resigned from bureaucrat:

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