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[New] Server Resource Request for db132
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Number of servers requested: 1
Service: db131
Processor: 4
Memory: 24G (which is 22888 in GIB)
Disk: 350G
Network: IPV6

Justification for request: This is for when cloud13 has the extra disk added tonight to increase db capacity as we're moving db101.

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: @John

Event Timeline

On cloud 13 db131 is 250g, on db141 it's 350g. I used the same specs as db141 for this new db132 server. Should it be similar to db131 250g?

Approved for the specs are requested as the new disks should add at least 800GB.

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This is still waiting on T10171 correct?

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Per new servers incoming, this is no longer relevant/needed.