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Ideas for some global extensions
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Review is needed for the first one only, and the other two I think are higher priority. GlobalPreferences is used by ShoutWiki and GlobalUserPage is used by Wikimedia.

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Global preferences I know already exists in full swing... not sure if I'm kicking an open door here but figured I would at least state what I've noticed

Extension:GlobalContribs is approved from a security perspective. Also included, the obligatory upstream ticket (a docs bug). I actually think we'd be able to install it without configuration, because it uses $wgConf->wikis to search through, and that's all public wikis afaict.

I can not install any extensions because I do not know how to use git bash

You can use normal bash, or any other *nix shell to run git @MacFan4000

Also while this is approved from a security perspective, we need to have an operations chat about a page that runs 906 queries to render.

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Honestly this two extensions aren't really urgent right now. GlobalContribs is not too useful IMO as CentralAuth already shows contributions on each wiki. @labster needs to explain "we need to have an operations chat about a page that runs 906 queries to render." before the extension can be approved for install.

He means everything the special page is loaded, it will query your preferences on ever single wiki. The 900 figure is inaccurate now, it's probably above 1600.

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Not needed at this time. If there is still a need or this extension will be wanted later this task can be reopened.

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Re-opening task as I have requested one of these extensions

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I don't think that these need to be reviewed as the last two are used by ShoutWiki and Wikimedia, respectively.

@Amanda Please actually read tasks before commenting. As you can see there's an obligatory docs bug as well as a load issue.

@Amanda Again, you edited the task description disregarding my comment. Also, ShoutWiki using it doesn't mean a security review isn't needed, that only applies to WMF. And just because it's okay from a security point of view doesn't mean the comment John made about high loads is invalid.

@Reception123 you were posting your above comment while I was actually editing the description

OK fair enough, but still make sure to read the whole task before making changes to either the description or the priorities, tags, etc.

Do not subscribe me unless I explicitly clicked "Subscribe" or Herald subscribes me.

Thank you.

GUP has another ticket.

The other two aren't needed.