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Recovery of Wiki Domain/Upload of XML
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My wiki, the Itora Wiki, which I've made accessible through, is one of the ones affected by the recent outage. I appreciate all the steps you are taking to attempt recovery of the faulty drives. I have a couple of XML dumps from the past few months, the most recent of which was at the end of October{F1945245}, so I had a couple questions about how I could move forward with that.

  1. Is it possible to regain access to my wiki through the above URL again (I assume as a reset, brand new wiki) and upload my XML dump from October 25, 2022?
  2. What would (and wouldn't) that restore?
  3. If the drives managed to get salvaged in a few weeks time with everything intact, is it possible to obtain an XML dump of the wiki at that time to then reference as a raw file (instead of uploading it to the wiki and overwriting whatever I added since)?

I'm glad I back things up and only stand to lose a few weeks worth of edits. The service you guys provide is invaluable and I appreciate everything you're doing to get things straight again. It's just a wiki for a ttrpg campaign, so I'm in no major rush :)

Thank you!

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An XML dump would restore the wiki pages, and nothing else. However any changes made in ManageWiki would still be intact as the values of the settings are stored in a separate database.

Alright. Would you recommend waiting and seeing what happens?
What is the extent of what I'd have to rebuild if I just built off of this old XML dump? Templates? Modules pages?

Importing the dump, would restore all wiki pages. Templates modules, and everything else. (all namespaces). Just not logs or user right assignments or blocks or anything else like that.

Alright, cool. I was basically the sole editor with a handful of other people just as regular users, so that shouldn't be too hard to redo.

If possible, then, I'm okay with the wiki being reset to a blank one and then I'll submit the the Request Import Dump once I have the database name it asks for. Unless you're able to do that as well, which is fine by me too.

I uploaded the xml.gz but it tells me the file isn't attached so I wasn't sure if it actually uploaded it.

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