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Cloud Hardware Plans

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Jan 17 2022, 17:42
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Cloud Hardware Plans

This is a short document just for proposal Cloud Infrastructure Hardware changes.
* Networking redundancy is a must - a new switch to be purchased and deployed
* Memory is likely to be a limitation for us, so we should expand our available memory.
** We have 10 channels unfilled per server.
** Using 8G modules, this accounts to a possible expansion of 80G per server, bringing it up to 144G.
* Increasing SSD space would be a nice to have currently - may be a requirement in future.
** We have 1 unfilled disk slot in use currently, this can be filled easily with a new SSD.
** If we want to move to a SSD-only model, it might be possible by adding and remove disks slowly, if there would be sufficient space left in HDDs for what is on it.

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Cloud Hardware Plans (743 B)

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